Living In A GoldSmith Museum

We are in Penang, Malaysia now and we are staying in a very interesting accommodation. We found it off airbnb and it is called Kim Haus which also is a GoldSmith Museum.

Kim Haus,Penang, Malaysia:

Kim Haus:  Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

We paid 271.83$USD on Airbnb for a 28 day stay. When we arrived we needed to pay another 10rm per day. The total cost was 338.83$USD you save when you book a long stay a savings of 379$USD. Bringing the cost to 12$USD a night.

On loft goes for 1,250$USD without breakfast for a loft. Or 2,250$USD for a loft with breakfast. Agoda is charing 1,201$USD for the loft without breakfast. So you really are saving a ton by using Airbnb. These prices do not include to 10rm per day tourist tax.

If you use airbnb and find an actual apartment you will avoid the tourist tax all together.

Inside Kim Haus:

The first floor of Kim’s Haus is a restaurant which offers tasty meals, pastries and coffee. It is not incredibly expensive but it is way more than local food. On an average the coffee will set you back 3$USD and the food around 4+$USD. Which does not sound like a lot but when you factor in how cheap Penang is that is pretty expensive.

A perk on the first floor however is the unlimited old school video game console. There is I believe 1,000+ video games on there and man are they some of the classics. You could easily spend hours playing down there.

Making your way up the stairs to the 2nd floor and you will reach the gold museum. Here you can find many different tools for gold and a lot of history surrounding gold. As well this floor works as a bar and live performance area. You can catch many live performances every night of the week. Dorms and the gym is also on this floor. The gym is very small and basic but is really good for getting a workout in. Especially helpful if you are a digital nomad and have been needing a good workout.

Our room was on the 4th floor. This is also where the washer and dryer are located which are free to use. Along with the hot and cold drinking water station. The washer and dryer is also used by the hotel staff but if you go late or really early it is not a problem to get in. Soap is also provided for free.

Our room is a rather small loft with no window. When you walk in your private shower/bathroom is to your left. Then you have a loft style bed up the stairs. Under you have two desks, wash sink and reading lamp. A big plus is it also has AC! It averages real feel about 108F during the day and about 90F at night. So this really comes in handy.There is more than enough space to put your clothes and get your work done.

Provided your work does not include heavy internet usage. Kim’s Haus really does not have good wifi. They will provide you with many different wifis to use however they really are not that strong. With upload and download speeds mostly in the 2’s. Thankfully we have Scoopoint Coworking.

The property also has many outdoor/indoor spaces for chatting,drinking, reading and overall chilling out. A mix of different loft style rooms and dooms. It is set centrally located to everything.Historical sites,local bus station, bar street, abundance of street food,western food and the mall.

Overall it is a real cool property to live in for a month because it has so much history. Along with so many events going on. Not to mention the huge discount from Airbnb for booking a long term stay. While we were supposed to get 10% off for being a member of Scoopoint when we asked they took down the promotion. =(

The next time you are in Penang for a long term stay, take to Airbnb and book at Kim’s Haus. Don’t forget to play as many old school video games as you can.

Thanks for reading another blog.



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