Eating Your Way Through Penang, Malaysia:

If you have heard about Penang you have heard about it’s amazing food. From the abundance of delectable food stalls, to the restaurant type food to the Western food. The food here is something you have to try. The best part is it won’t break the bank! Most dishes will run you .96 cents USD- 12$USD. The 12$USD is for a nice Western style restaurant as well.

Some cuisines to try is Malay,Nasi Kandar, Pakistan,and Nonya Chinese(Peranakan). Burgers burgers burgers they are found everywhere from street stalls to gourmet style burgers some served with fries and some without. They often use halal meat of the Australian region, to me they do not taste as good as burgers found back home. However the meat is probably way less processed so that is what is taking me some time to get used to.

Fast Food:

Let’s be real Malays love their fast food. They fill up the McDonalds, Texas Chicken,KFC and 4 Finger Crispy Chicken. I have even heard people saying McDonald’s has the best fried chicken.

I have tried McDonald’s here and it wasn’t bad. They have a set box with rice, fried chicken fries and tea. The rice was actually really tasty and the chicken was not too bad. The regular McDonald’s food was just as expected. Other countries always have such interesting fast food options. If you with a group of friends make sure to try the party McFlurry.

We also tried Texas Chicken which is all over Asia. The chicken wasn’t anything to write home about. The biscuit side and mashed potatoes was ok.

The real surprising one that you must go to is 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. Which started in Singapore and has locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. We ordered a 6 piece Wingettes and Drumettes combo. You can choose between hot and soy garlic or mixed. We chose mixed. You also can choose nori fries or kimchi fries. We chose the nori fries which were a little spicy but so tasty. The combo with soda set us back 4$USD.

The chicken and fries are cooked fresh to order and you could tell. Juicy on the inside and so crispy on the outside. The soy spicy combo was so tasty and a tad spicy. The fries also crispy and a little spicy. This was actually a fast food chain I would venture to again for sure.

Food Stalls:

Really where you want to spend your time is at the food stalls. Where the most expensive food will set you back 7$USD for a fried whole fish. We eat at food stalls every single day twice or more a day.

Some stalls/courts are: Chew Jetty, Chuila Street, Presgrave Street Hawker Centre, New Lane Hawker Centre,Joo Hooi Cafe. The Chew Jetty across the street from Scoopoint is way better than the more touristy one next to it. Penang Air Itam Laksa(Anthony Bourdain recommended RIP) Really though walking down the street just pick a food stall(less touristy the better and you are good to go) Nasi Kandar Imigresen

Roti Bakar Hutton Lane: Ok so this one gets its own special shout out. While we found them first at the Penang International Food Festival. They serve many Malay dishes. Sunday morning is the time to go. Get the sweet roti bakar( Kaya is a coconut egg spread that tops the sweeter roti), roti bakar with a soft boiled egg and the Roti Canai Hutton Lane, don’t forget the coffee. Dip your sweet roti into the coffee man is it good. Also try the french toast like Roti that you will see on the flat top.

We got 2 servings of the sweet Roti Bakar, one regular with the egg, one Roti Canai and two coffees it set us back 3$USD and woah were we stuffed.

Tips about the food stalls/hawker centres is there is a drink purchase required. Beer will be about 4$USD sometimes it will be big and sometimes small. Juices are super popular and are usually around 1.20$USD. Beer however is not much cheaper at the store maybe a few RM less than 19 it is heavily taxed making it more expensive.

Pakistani/ Muslim Indian Food:

Everyone will tell you to go to Restoran Kapitan. While it was good it is not our absolute favorite. There we got biryani rice, mutton steak, tandoori skewers, (You get all the proper side)garlic naan and a drink. It set us back 12$USD. It was very tasty but we found better, where you can get way more food for the same price if not cheaper.

Our absolute favorite which we have been to twice and will go back again is Hassan Briyani House. They are grilling fresh naan and tandoori skewers to order and the date is to die for. The first time we went we got a mutton curry, 3 pieces of garlic naan, tandoori chicken, helping of biryani and two sodas. The cost was about 11$USD but you left barely able to walk.

The next time we got Aaloo Mattar, Beef Biryani, Tandoori chicken and 3 garlic naans. The beef was ground in a sauce on the colder side but it was so tasty. Combined with the rice and sauces ohhh it was so so good. We absolutely love this place. This time we spent 8$USD but again left feeling super stuffed.


Laksalicious: There we got both of the lasksas and opted to mix them together. It was the perfect balance of spicy, coconut milky and fishy. Full of fresh herbs, veggies and pineapple. It was delicious. We also got the Chicken Lor Bak which was so tasty. Everything had so much flavor and the laksa’s were very large. The cost was around 5.50$USD.

D.A.M by D’Chef:

While we have not tried it yet many people have told us it is outstanding high end Western food. Offering their famous oyster shooter with fresh quail eggs. The oysters are farmed at the local college. Wagyu Tomahawk is also on their website. It looks outstanding for a nice dinner and we hope to go here very soon.

Continental Bakery: A local bakery offering fresh baked breads and pastries. A must eat the chocolate croissants, egg tarts and apple turnover pies are so good.

Mon Delice: If you are having a birthday while in Penang you need to get your cake here. Super tasty and affordable at only 15$USD for an 8 inch.

Hup Hoe Biscuit: It has been around since 1914 offering many different types of traditional biscuits savory and sweet.

Candyland: It is a dream for all candy lovers. Candy made natural without any preservatives. Coffees and teas are also available. The price point here is a little high around 7$USD for a tub of candy which I could probably devour in one sitting.

What To Eat:

Now you know some of the places to venture to so what should you eat? Food not listed above that you must try are:

Nasi Lemak,Hokkien Mee,Curry Me, Chee Cheong Fun,Mee Goreng, Chendol,Char Koay Teow,Fish head Bee Hoon,BM High School 818 Rojak, Wantan Mee,Pork or Duck and rice,Satay, Dim sum,Claypot,MutraBak, Pork Rib Noodles, Chinese Pie, Oyster pancake, Duck Porridge,Apom Manis, Musang King, Chinese dried meat bun,Kuey teow th’ng and Popiah.

To Sum Things Up:

You will never run out of tasty affordable eats in Penang. The food stalls are in abundance everywhere you walk. There are so options in items to choose from I will often have to go to multiple stalls. If you are a foodie Penang needs to be on the top of your list. Thank you for reading another blog.



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