Co-Working and Online Teaching

In an ideal world everywhere would have perfect wifi and accommodations would have quiet spaces for two teachers to teach at the same time. However that just isn’t reality. That is why choosing cities that have Coworking is always a guarantee for strong stable wifi.

While the job technically does not allow you to work from “public” spaces in the end you need stable wifi while traveling and Coworking has just that. So what should you look for in a Coworking when you are an online teacher?

What Does A Coworking Need For An Online Teacher?

  • Well the first one is a no brainer high speed stable internet.
  • Skype Rooms with unlimited hours for your package or meeting rooms. Private office could also work but you need to make it clear that no one else can be in the office with you. As you do not want to disturb them or them disturb your classes.

Can you teach in a common area? Well It is not ideal but not every Coworking has a Skype Room,telephone booth or rooms for two online teachers. If you choose to teach in a common area opt for the kitchen or playroom area. This will insure that you do not bother others and they also do not interrupt your classes.

Find out when most people leave. Most people in Coworking will work your typical work hours and leave by 6:30-7pm. Some of course work random hours like yourself and will be there but by you teaching in another area it should not be an issue. Finally weekend work. While you think most people would not be there on weekends, often events are held on weekends. This could be too loud for your teaching.

It is best to be clear about your schedule and needs ahead of time.Be very clear on what you do. Every Coworking I have been to has been very helpful and understanding. Having a headset with a mute button also comes in handy. We use this when people are walking by or the area is a tad loud. Just don’t forget to unmute before talking.

  • Allows you access 247. Since your hours will be 6-10 BJT time and often all day on weekends this will insure you are able to teach when you need to.

How To Choose A Good Co-Working.

What I do is use the website Coworker or just do a Google search of Coworking wherever I plan to travel. After that I will often directly message the company and clearly explain my needs and what I do. I also look for ones that meet my needs as well as offers great perks and is affordable.

My first option as I am always on a budget is to use airbnb and ask for them to submit wifi speeds. Then you only pay for one cost for the whole month. However having a Coworking is always a guarantee, which leaves me way less stressed.

Co-Working In Penang:

I spoke with many digital nomads who said the Wifi was not great in Penang. So I started searching for Coworking. I found a great Coworking called Scoopoint. I contacted them and Mei responded and was very helpful.

When I arrived in Penang we noticed that our hostel only had wifi speeds in the 1’s some days it was 11 but not consistent. We were very happy to have Scoopoint. So we set off to sign up for a full Scoopie membership.

After our not so great experience with the Coworking in Kuala Lumpur we were hoping that Scoopoint would be different and it for sure was. Everyone at Scoopoint was super nice! Everyone is always laughing and having a great time. Scoopoint really resembles a true Coworking vibe. It has a mix of locals in the office and in the hot desk area. Along with the creative minds of expats doing a wide array of different projects.They hold many enriching events and fun events as well to bring the team together. They even have the Golden Rules of how to be a good Co-Worker. This was just the vibe that we needed after KL.

Teaching at Scoopoint, Penang, Malaysia:

Scoopoint: 46, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

What Do They Offer:

It’s more like what don’t they offer, as they offer everything and more.

  • Office rooms, meeting rooms, huge play area, actual London phone booth, dedicated desks and open seating. As a member you will also be given 24 hour access.
I do my assessments and blogging in the hot seating
Hot Desks
Dedicated Desks
Dedicated Desks/also where I teach if kitchen is in use.
Meeting Room. They also have larger offices.
You can take calls in here.
Kitchen area where I work on most days. People take video chats or calls in here as well.
Where Ray teaches. Also used for seminars, events and yoga.
  • Other perks: Events(free and some for a cost), unlimited water refill (talk about saving the environment)coffee,tea,snacks, nap room,shower,a community,use of a secure mailing address, locker and fingerprint entry.
  • Discounts: They have many places that offer you a discount including but not limited to a gym, cafes and hotels. They have a board you can look at to see which places offer the discounts.
  • The wifi is stable and consistent. There is probably about 20 people or more who work from here in the hot desks, dedicated desks and offices. The wifi however is always fast and strong regardless. I have tested when no one is here and when everyone is here and it is always very fast.Huge perk.
  • They offer many different types of memberships like Student(monthly),Hot desk day and month,Dedicated desk monthly and office rooms monthly. Along with special student pricing.

What Is It Like Teaching At Scoopoint?

Ray and I signed up for the Hot Desk Monthly it was 399 RM per person. There was also a deposit. In total it came out to 144$USD per person a month for everything.

Here we do not use the London telephone booth as it is way to small and not soundproof. Still there is no issue we are able to teach in the other areas. They are very accommodating allowing Ray to teach in the huge play area. I often teach in the kitchen or cubby desk area. On weekdays everyone expect for two people leave around 6:30pm. On weekends there are people here and some events however it has not been an issue with our teaching. We also use a headset with mute button to help if people are walking by. Like I said before everyone is very considerate here and will not talk loud when they see you are teaching.

Friendly staff and coworkers offering you candy and peanuts it is a nice way to meet locals and expats in Penang. Most of people are very focused on their work but are kind if you want to chat or have a question. I am very happy to teach at Scoopoint.

We have been teaching here now for about 2 and a half weeks with no complaints about wifi or noise. We have had some mic issues, yes after we just had computer issues ugh, but that has nothing to do with the Scoopoint. At first I was hesitant to teaching in an open area if it would be too loud or too distracting. After KL I was worried about disturbing others as well. However Scoopoint has worked out perfect.

I will spend a few more weeks at Scoopoint before heading to work for a month out of PODDERS in Kota Kinabalu. If you are thinking of taking your teaching or expat life to Penang I would highly recommend Scoopoint!

Stay tuned for what it is like living in a Goldsmith Museum. Along with how to get 10% off by working with Scoopoint. Next blog will post Wednesday May 1st at 11am BJT.



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